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Dan Balcaban


A traveler and international actor/director, Dan is known for his creativity, resourcefulness and versatility. Dan’s directing career kicked off after filming several short films, music videos and corporate videos along with multiple short theatre
performances played around Sydney. He has since won several film awards, including Best Journalism at the Mobile Screenfest international 2011 in Sydney that was shot entirely on the iPhone 3G S

Jake Koseleci


Philosopher, musician, podcaster, founder of companies, writer/producer of blogs, comics, films & documentaries. Turtles All The Way Down on iTunes.

Alex Slade


Alex is an experienced writer with a number of short screenplays under his belt, as well as a couple of features. Having graduated from Sydney Film School, he majored in writing and directing, having produced and directed a number of short films. Alex
freelances his writing skills, and is currently in the process of writing a full-length science-fiction novel. He also currently writes for ‘Movie-Weekly’.

Robert Luxford

Researcher & Story Consultant

Writer/actor/producer/Director/Artist. Diploma in Journalism with the Australian College of Journalism. Wrote produced & directed Guardians: Angels on patrol (documentary about the Guardian Angels). Co-producer, Co-writer, Co-Director for Little Army Big War (documentary about animal vivisection. Co-director, Co-writer for
Real World ( TV Pilot ).

Daniel Richard Montana

Executive Producer

Daniel has more than six years as a film producer. He knows the film industry inside
and out. With various projects in production, Daniel has brought a wealth of knowledge to the team and continues to support it.


John Vitaliotis


John is experienced in both the film industry and in criminal Law. Care About Us is the latest in a series of projects that he has worked on with Dan Balcaban over several years. His understanding of people in tough situations has been a great asset with the documentary, providing feedback where necessary.

Kate McKee

Head Writer and Research/ Story Coordinator

Kate first met Dan when he directed a short play she wrote for Short & Sweet short play festival and they have been working together on various projects ever since.

Kate McKee is a freelance writer and editor. She writes for a variety of lifestyle magazine publications on topics ranging from health and beauty to landscape architecture and sustainable gardening. Kate’s expertise extends to copy, web and ghostwriting, as well as screenwriting and the occasional novel. She is also a
published poet and short story writer.

Cortney Matz


Darren Augustus

Re-recording Mixer

Luis Villafranca

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Web, social media, graphics, Hosting

Kirsten Koedding

Marketing, Media, Screenings & Distribution

An aspiring screenwriter and director who studies film at Quinnipiac University. Her most recent project is a documentary on the Cape Town, South Africa water crisis, titled “Cape of Evaporating Hope / Cape of Good Hope.” Kirsten is humbled to be able to work with the “Care About Us” team, and cannot wait to get people talking about this documentary!”

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